Police Chief talks about Winter Weather inside the Village

Hot Springs Village Police Chief Ricky Middleton spoke on winter safety inside of Hot Springs Village to the Kiwanis Club on Thursday. He said that Hot Springs Village’s roads were built to allow water to run off, not for snow and ice.

Middleton said be prepared for winter weather. He said that houses need to be winterized. He said safe alternatives sources for heat need to be used if the electricity goes out for an extended period. He said that generators need to be in a safe place and not to use outdoor grills for heating homes. He also warned that pets have caused fires by knocking down candles.

He advised keeping at least three days of perishable food and filling up prescriptions beforehand when winter weather is predicted.

Middleton emphasized that it’s best not to travel during winter weather in Hot Springs Village.

“Don’t get out on the roads unless it’s necessary,” Middleton said. Even then, he said that those planning to go out need to call and make sure their destination is open so they don’t take unnecessary risks for nothing. He advised that people keep kitty litter, an extra blanket and water in their car just in case they get stuck. He also said that black ice, transparent ice that freezes on the road, is also a major hazard for winter drivers in the area because it cannot be seen.

“Don’t get out unless you have to get out,” Middleton said, adding this also applied to non-driving circumstances, particularly working outside when a person can overexert themselves and find themselves in a medical emergency.

Middleton said that those wanting to know more about winter weather safety should visit Ready.gov, the United States government’s website on emergency preparedness.

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