Hit the Trails

Get back to nature and enjoy the fresh air. We have approximately 32 miles of trails throughout our community. Walk your dog, take a quick run, hike or ride your bike on one of these beautiful trails.

If you have comments or suggestions regarding the trails, we encourage you to use the online survey forms click here.


  • DeSoto Trail, 3.4 Miles – Map
  • Sonora – Calella Trail, 0.4 Miles – Map
  • Waypoint Trail, 0.7 Miles – Map
  • Santa Maria Cart/Bicycle Lane, 1.3 Miles
  • DeSoto Nature Trail, 1.2 Miles – Map
  • DeSoto Spillway Trail, 0.77 Miles – Map
  • Barcelona Cart/Bicycle Lane, 1.2 Miles
  • Carmona Cart/Bicycle Lane, 1.1 Miles
  • Hernando Trail, 8.6 Miles – East Map, West Map
  • Coronado Boat Ramp Trail, 0.35 Miles – Map
  • Coronado Fitness Trail, 1 Mile – Map
  • Cedar Creek Trail, 3.1 Miles – Map
  • Magellan Beaver Dam Trail, 0.6 Miles – Map
  • Balboa Trail, 2.1 Miles – Map
  • Herradura Trail, 0.4 Miles – Map
  • John and Mildred Cooper Nature Preserve Trails (3), 3.8 Miles – Map


  • When possible do not walk alone. Always let someone know which trail you plan to use.
  • Know your limits; keep distance, direction and time in mind.
  • Stay on the trail and do not disturb the native setting.
  • Pets are welcome on Village trails but must be leashed, cleaned up after and under positive control of the owner.
  • Please observe the 15-mph speed limit for multipurpose trails.
  • Pedestrians have the right of way.
  • Please remember to take your trash with you when you leave.
  • Wear comfortable, rubber-soled shoes and bring water with you.

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