Finance & Planning Committee

The Finance & Planning Committee assists and advises the Board on governance and oversight responsibilities relating to fiscal management and planning.

The committee consists of a minimum of 3 but up to 9 members, the majority of whom are not staff or Board directors. Committee members are:  Tom Heau, Jeffrey Lofgren, Larry Siener, Beckie DeYoung, and C. Ford Williams.

Staff Member is Frank Hubbard

Board Member is Gary Belair

The Finance & Planning Committee meetings are held at 1 p.m. on the second and fourth Mondays of the month at the Ponce de Leon Center.

Committee Charter 

 August 8, 2022 Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

06-27-2022 Minutes
05-09-2022 Minutes
04-25-2022 Minutes
04-11-2022 Minutes
03-28-2022 Minutes
02-28-2022 Minutes
01-24-2022 Minutes
01-10-2022 Minutes
12-13-2021 Minutes
11-22-2021 Minutes
11-08-2021 Minutes
10-25-2021 Minutes
10-11-2021 Minutes
09-08-2021 Minutes
09-13-2021 Minutes
09-15-2021 Minutes
09-20-2021 Minutes
09-27-2021 Minutes
09-29-2021 Minutes


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