Events from 01/28/22

  • From 01/28/22 12:00 pm until 01/28/22 12:50 pm
    At 160 Ponderosa Lane Categories: FITNESS
    A total body workout modified in the chair or using the chair for stability. Various small equipment will be used.
  • From 01/28/22 11:00 am until 01/28/22 11:50 am
    At 160 Ponderosa Lane Categories: FITNESS
    This class consists of a mix of cardio, HIIT ( which can be modified to a lower intensity), weights, body weight exercises, balance, core, and stretching. Intervals sometimes long, sometimes short, will be incorporated into a 50-minute class. Recommended for intermediate and advanced fitness levels. Beginners are welcome but should be prepared to modify and build up over time.
  • From 01/28/22 10:00 am until 01/28/22 10:50 am
    At 160 Ponderosa Lane Categories: FITNESS
    This class includes a variety of techniques with the aim of improving flexibility and strengthening you core. These techniques include Static Sustained Stretching , Post Isometric Relaxation (PIR) stretching, Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) along with some basic yoga poses and core exercises. participants must be able to get up and down from the floor. This class is appropriate for beginners to advanced fitness levels. All moves can be modified individually.
  • From 01/28/22 9:00 am until 01/28/22 9:50 am
    At 160 Ponderosa Lane Categories: FITNESS
    This class is done on a specialized stationary bike, simulating rides on varying terrain using cadence and resistance. Anyone at any age and fitness level are welcome.
  • From 01/28/22 8:00 am until 01/28/22 8:30 am
    At 160 Ponderosa Lane Categories: FITNESS
    This 30-minute class combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio. This high intensity class will help you to build stamina, endurance, improve coordination and burn calories.
  • From 01/28/22 7:00 am until 01/28/22 7:50 am
    At 160 Ponderosa Lane Categories: FITNESS
    A low impact workout that is deigned to increase physical strength through weight-bearing and resistance exercises.
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