Hot Room Open at Coronado Fitness Center

The Coronado Fitness Center hot room has officially opened and is ready for use! After several months of construction and repairs, Parks & Recreation Director Terry Wiley is pleased to announce the opening of this very popular amenity for the members and guests of the community.

After a severe freeze the past February, which caused the HVAC system to fail, the room was closed due to safety concerns with the electrical, heating & cooling systems and moisture damage throughout the room. With the support and guidance from Public Services Director Ken Unger and General Manager Kelly Hale, Building & Maintenance Superintendent Mike Sykora and his staff were tapped with the demolition and reconstruction of the room. This included spray foam insulation, interior HVAC redesign and replacement, electrical upgrades, drywall replacement, and repair, along with improvements to the interior of the sauna and steam rooms.

The concrete flooring was upgraded to a commercial-grade, non-slip epoxy coating specifically designed for pool and hot tub rooms. The project was completed and set to open this past June when an unexpected setback occurred with the underground hot tub plumbing. A leak detection company was brought in and found two substantial cracks in the flexible PVC pipes located underneath the concrete flooring. With the damaged PVC pipes being surrounded by concrete and inaccessible for replacement, it appeared the hot tub and new flooring may have to be completely removed and reconstructed. The cost of which would have been substantial.

With the threat of possibly having to eliminate or completely reconstruct the entire hot tub and surrounding flooring, Pool Operator Gary Porter contacted an Arkansas contractor for a possible solution. This contractor specializes in a process that applies a very durable, epoxy-type coating to interior plumbing lines, thus eliminating the need for replacement. The project was successful, and the room was finally opened on August 21.

The hot room includes a steam room, sauna, and hot tub for your enjoyment. If you have not been to the Coronado Fitness Center lately and would like to see the new improvements to the hot room and other amenities the fitness center offers, please stop in and ask for a tour!

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