With 11 recreational lakes, Hot Springs Village is a community of lakes surrounded by land. Amenities include three swimming beaches, two covered pavilions and two full-service marinas. The lakes offer a variety of fun activities like fishing, swimming, kayaking, boating and skiing. Dive into a deep sense of community.

Fish Habitat Maps & GPS Coordinates

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Fishing Habitat

Lake Balboa Lower Third

Lake Balboa Middle Third

Lake Balboa Upper Third

Lake Coronado

Lake Cortez

Lake DeSoto

Lake Estrella

Lake Granada

Lake Isabella

Lake Pineda

Lake Sophia

Herbicide Application

The initial application on Lakes Maria and Sophia occurred on May 15, 2018. The target vegetation was variable pondweed in both lakes. Herbicide concentrations were sampled on May 22 and June 5 to ensure that the concentrations are being maintained at appropriate levels in the lakes over the treatment period. The second application occurred on June 14 on both lakes. Herbicide concentration samples will again be taken on both lakes on June 26. The vegetation should be deteriorated within 45 days of the initial application. There is a final application scheduled for July 12. During the treatment period, there are no watering, swimming, fishing, or fish consumption restrictions.

Drawdown Schedule

  • 2017 – 2018 Lake Coronado (Complete as of June 2018)
  • 2018 – 2019 Lake Balboa
  • 2019 – 2020 Lakes Granada and Estrella
  • 2020 – 2021 Lake DeSoto
  • 2021 – 2022 Lakes Pineda and Isabella
  • 2022 – 2023 Lake Cortez
  • 2023 – 2024 Lakes Maria and Sophia
  • 2024 – 2025 Lake Coronado

Boat Ramp Locations

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HSV Boat Ramp Locations

Balboa Boat Ramp

Coronado Boat Ramp

Cortez Boat Ramp

DeSoto Boat Ramp

Estrella Boat Ramp

Granada Boat Ramp

Isabella Boat Ramp

Maria Boat Ramp

Pineda Boat Ramp

Segovia Boat Access Point

Sophia Boat Ramp

Fishing Pier Locations

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HSV Fishing Piers

Balboa Fishing Piers

Coronado Fishing Pier

Cortez Fishing Pier

DeSoto Fishing Piers

Boat Ramp Closing Schedule

All ramps are open at this time. Ramp closure may be necessary at times for required maintenance or repairs.

Hydrilla Update

Following the treatments in June, July, and August of 2017, hydrilla has not been located on the lake (which is very good!). See attached pictures for assistance in identification. If owners see aquatic growth and question what it is, please contact Lakes Management at 501-922-2291.

Lake Management Plans

Coming Fall of 2018

Beach Locations

HSV Beaches

Balboa Beach

Cortez Beach

DeSoto Beach

Lakes Informational Slides

Coming Soon

Boat Registration and Decal Process

All watercraft on the lakes are required to have lake use decals. Lake use is defined as on the lake, suspended above the water, along the shoreline, or in the parking area at a boat ramp. Decals on boats with a transom should be fixed to the back, left side of the transom above the water line. This allows the sticker to be visible with the boat in the water. If boats are covered, decals should be fixed in the same location where visible with the cover installed. Boats that do not have a transom should fix the decal on the left side of the boat near the rear above the water line. All owners are encouraged to purchase the annual decals, but daily lake use permits are available at the boat ramps for $10/day. Extended term lake use permits are available at the POA main office.