Code Enforcement Department: Permitting, Inspections, Compliance and Gate Management

Our Mission

The mission of the Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association’s Code Enforcement Department is to protect village property owner’s investment, their amenities, and their secure lifestyle by firm, fair, and consistent enforcement of the Governing Documents and accomplished by the development and execution of approved Standard Operating Procedures.

About Us

The Code Enforcement Department consists of Permitting, Inspections, Compliance Division, and Gate Management. In addition, the department provides staff support to the Architectural Control Committee.

Contact Us

POA Administration Building
1st Floor, Room 102
895 DeSoto Boulevard
Hot Springs Village, AR 71909



Permitting issues and monitors all residential and commercial building permits and conducts inspections of all permitted construction activities. Permits are needed for a wide range of projects including: building a new home, adding a deck or a dock, a new sprinkler system, a room addition, enclosing a garage, and more. Please click on the links below for more information. If you are not sure if you need a permit, just call Permitting at (501) 922-5562. 

Important Permitting & Inspections Links:

Submit a Permit
Download a Procedural Document


Commercial and residential inspections are required for all stages of construction determined by building codes. These stages include, but are not limited to: footing, location, concrete slab, slab plumbing, rough-in electrical, rough-in plumbing, rough-in heating & air, framing, zero clearance fireplace, and a final inspection. Permit applications are available online and in the office (see Contact Us). For questions regarding inspections, please call (501) 922-5562.

Permitting & Inspections Fees

Fees for Permits & Inspections start with a $30 Administrative fee per permit and build from there depending on the number of inspections required based on the work being done. An estimate of the fees is provided during the permit application process. For questions regarding fees, please call (501) 922-5562.

Compliance Division

Like most modern communities, Hot Springs Village has developed a comprehensive set of rules and regulations designed to keep our neighborhoods and recreational amenities beautiful, safe, and easy for our members and their guests to enjoy. Enforcing these rules requires a cooperative effort between POA Members (both residents and lot owners) and the Compliance/Code Enforcement team.

Have you seen weeds, illegal parking or other code violations in your neighborhood? If so, submit an online complaint, and it will be automatically routed to the appropriate department for investigation or handled by the Compliance Division team.  You can call in a complaint by contacting 501-922-5562

Important Compliance Links:

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HSV POA Compliance Division Infraction Standard Operating Procedures

Gate Management

Hot Springs Village is the largest gated residential community in the United States. The security of resident members and their guests is our paramount concern. Persons seeking to enter the Village must either be sponsored by a POA member (using the online guest registration system) or must provide proof of authorized entry (an appointment card, event ticket, emailed appointment confirmation, etc.).


1. Member means a person who owns property in Hot Springs Village and is a member in good standing of the Hot Springs Village Property Owners Association,

2. Guest means a person who is not a member and has been sponsored by a Member by registering the guest as such and who has received a Guest Pass (vehicle dash pass) at one of the staffed gates. Guest may use Village recreational amenities and pay at guest rates,

3. Visitor means a person who is not a member and has been authorized to enter the Village for a specific business purpose, appointment, or meeting by an approved entity (church, club, professional practice clinic, business, ticketed event) by the entity providing the visitor with an approved proof of authorized entry which is presented at a staffed gate. The visitor receives a Visitor Pass (vehicle dash pass). A member may also authorize a visitor to enter (i.e., plumbers, lawn care, etc.) using the online registration system, writing “visitor” in the memo section of the online form. Visitors are not authorized to use Village recreational amenities or facilities and are required to come and go expeditiously.

Article 1, of Chapter Three of the HSVPOA Policy Guide states that “Members, residents, and any other entity authorized by the POA may sponsor guests/visitors. The conduct and actions of a guest/visitor are the responsibility of the party declaring such person to be their guest/visitor.”

It is the responsibility of the POA, through the Compliance Division, to develop and implement the Standard Operating Procedures necessary to allow visitors to enter under this policy in a manner that both serves the needs of our churches, professionals and businesses and provides the security our members (residents and non-residents) expect and deserve.

To accomplish this, the POA has instituted a “proof of authorized entry” requirement for all parishioners, club members, customers, and event attendees who are not POA Members and seek to come through the gates for authorized reasons.

This proof may take several forms:

1. For churches and recognized clubs a POA approved visitor ID card issued by the entity which includes the entity’s name, phone number, visitor’s name, an issue date, and an expiration date not to exceed 12 months from issue,

2. For Restaurant reservations, a confirmation email or letter showing the restaurant name, phone number, the reserving person’s name, and date and time of the reservation. This may be a printed copy or image on a device such as a smart phone,

3. For professional appointments, a printed appointment card showing the person’s name and the date and time of the appointment or an email with the name of the practice, phone number, name of the person, and the date and time of the appointment. This may be a printed copy or image on a device such as a smart phone.

4. For an event, a copy of the printed ticket showing the venue, date and time of the event,

5. The entity may also register the visitor online or call the guest/visitor registration number. Garage and Estate Sale require either proof of entry or sponsored reservation. Realtors with open houses may register their open house at the Visitor’s center who will provide open house attendees with proof of authorized entry.

For entities, specific gate entry instructions to authorize your visitors are listed under the Important Links below.

Visitors to these entities, with the proper proof of authorized entry, are welcomed from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily.  Visitors should contact the entity which they wish to visit to insure that they have the proper proof of authorized entry before they reach the gate. Gate personnel cannot leave their station to call to verify visitors.    

The visitor must enter through the left lane of a staffed gate, stop at the gate, present the proof of authorized entry, and receive a Visitor Dash Pass allowing them to go to the authorizing entity only.

If it is the intention for the Visitor to go to a Village amenity other than the entity location, they must be sponsored by a POA Member and issued a Sponsored Guest dash pass at a staffed gate.

Sponsorship of Guests always requires registration by the sponsoring POA Member. The preferred method is by online registration through the Member portal of This option is quick and easy and open 24/7. Call in registration is discouraged but is available from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Tuesday through Saturday (Call in registration is not available on Sundays, Mondays or holidays).

Important Gate Management Links:


General Instructions for Visitor Entry

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