Streets Department

The Streets Department is responsible for road maintenance, drainage, vegetative control and signage in roadways and common properties. They provide the following services:

  • Prepare roads for paving by outside contractor
  • Crack sealing to prolong the life of roads
  • Pot hole and street cut repair
  • Shoulder repair to minimize drop off
  • Mowing of right-of-way
  • Installation and repair of culverts under roadways
  • Cutting dead trees on common property and road right-of-way
  • Maintenance of dams and spillways
  • Snow and ice removal
  • Maintain drainage ditches in road right-of-way
  • Provide and maintain traffic control and street identification signage

Streets Request

The below form may be used to report any issues with streets (such as potholes or damaged signage) in Hot Springs Village.

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